On Wednesday 6. May 1964 a car, a Ford Mustang coloured in Pagoda Green, was buildt in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Decoding the Vehicle Data and Warranty Number:

Body 65 A = 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior

Color B = Pagoda Green

Trim 86 = Black Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior

Date: 06E = May 06, 1964

D.S.O 71 = Los Angeles

Axle 1 = 3.00:1, Conventional

Trans 6 = C 4 Automatic

Year 5 = 1965 ( 1964 1/2 )

Plant F = Dearborn, Michigan

Body Series: 07 = 2 Door Hardtop

Engine F = 260 2v V8

Unit: 127950 = 27950

The Engine Code( 4 C 3   /  C 4 0 E Type F ) shows

that the engine was built at March 3rd, 1964. The 0 is a sign,

that the engine was originally built for a Ford Fairlane. Later

the Mustang Engines had a Z in their Engine Code.

The Carburator is also original from 1964. There ist 

a little metal triangleplate with the code C 4 0 F /

AM A4 CD. That means, Autolite Motorcraft, Design Change A,

built in the 4th week of March 1964. 

I would like to say thanks to Florian from the Mustang-Inside Forum, Germany for decoding the CarburatorCode.

This is his story. 

Why are we able to tell the story? It is due to the fact that the

original owners handbook never left the car and survived all over

the years. So we had the names of the first owners and, from the guy

who sold us the car in Germany, the name of the last owner. So

we started the investigation from both ends of the rope.



On Monday, 11, May 1964 the car was delivered, by Ford Dealer

Thompson-Fauskee Santa Barbara, California, to the first owners,

Akira and Winifred Yamada.



They owned the car until the late 80s and then sold it  to their

neighbor, Mr. Mitch Guenthardt.

Mitch did a really good restauration job to the car. He removed

the engine and restored it. The same he did to the rest of the


After a few years he gave the car to a member of his family

to use it.

In 1999 or 2000 the car was sold to Mr. William E. Pluma. 

He, and his wife Janice, own the car for about 5 years and sold it,

on  the 1st of April 2005 to the father of Danielle Sigurdson, a young

girl who has just finished high school.

Danielle was the last american owner, she sold the car, in 2015, to a dealer, the Mustang Shop in Sacramento California.

They shipped the car, across the Atlantic Ocean, to Europe. 

During all the years, the car stood in California and was a Blackplate Car all the time.

In the end, in August 2016, my wife Uschi bought the car.

Note to all the readers:

This is the first version, more information, and a lot of pictures,

will follow until this website is finished.

I contacted all the previous owners and they replied very quick.

They gave me any information they still had and send me pictures.

I want to say Thank You to all of them.